[NTLK] Newton <-> MacOs X

From: Andreas <MessagePad2000_at_laposte.net>
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 02:37:07 EDT

Hi Nathan,

Go for nSync.

Infos and pictures here :


I also recommend NCX, Simon Bell's enormous effort :


I didn't get it to work yet, but it is very promising.



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>From: Nathan Hunt <subsonic87@gmail.com>
>Subject: [NTLK] MP2000 and Mac OS X?
>Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 21:12:46 -0700
>Hi all,
>I recently snagged a MessagePad 200 off of eBay for about $26 (great
>deal, I know!). This is my first MessagePad, though I did have an
>eMate back in 2001 that I used pretty frequently. My primary question
>is this: how well can the Newton interface with modern Mac OS X
>(specifically, Tiger and beyond)? I have lots of iCal and OS X
>Address Book data that I'd like to have on my Newton, along with the
>ability to transfer notes and NewtonWorks files and install software.
>Now, I'm aware of NCX and nSync, but those haven't been updated in
>quite some time (and are PPC apps, while I have an Intel mac). So, to
>any users of Tiger on Intel machines, how well does your Newton work
>with that? I'd like to know before I invest some money in USB
>adapters for my MP. Thanks in advance.
>-Nathan Hunt

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