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From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 13:26:39 EDT

At 17:25 01.10.2007, you wrote:
>Hi Marcus
>That is excellent news well done. I tried in vain for hours and hours to
>get my Nokia Card Phone to work without success.
>Would you mind answering the following:

Dear Andy, dear Daniel!

First of all: only after telling the list about my success I learned
that "dual band" means something different in Europe and the
US respectively.

To my knowledge, there is only a "European" version of the
Nokia Card Phone 2.0 (fit for GSM 900 and 1800 networks).
Which would explain why you can find it for as little as 10 euros
on but not on Small wonder, because it seems
to have been quite popular over here in its time, but virtually
useless in the US.

So, my little story might be only of anecdotal worth to American

For information on my setup s. below

>Which version of the Card Phone 2 driver did you use?

It's NewtSMS+ 1.10a beta.

>With this set up can you use dial up to send/recieve emails?

Unfortunately no (s. below).

>Is your Nokia Card Phone 2 locked to any particular network?

If we are talking about SIM lock here, then no. Since I use
a prepaid SIM card from T-Mobile, I have to rely of course on
their network.

>What is the phone function like?

If you mean understandability and such, I can only say it's excellent.
The headset (s. below) does a fine job here. Placing calls, the one and
only functionality I was looking for, is convenient enough. Receiving calls
requires the card not only to be plugged in but also to be initialized (it must be
"on air", as NewtSMS+ has it). That's a drawback if you want to be
reachable everywhere, anytime. For me, who *hates* being called
every other minute, it's actually a bonus.

>Also how did you get the MP3s onto the Newt, did you use the Itunes plug

I'm on WinXP and use the Basilisk/NCU/Ethernet approach, which has been
working fine for two years now. Setting this up takes a while, but it's well
worth it.


I'm not very much into mobiles (can't stand them, to be honest). Yet since
I'm moving around as a writer, giving readings all over Germany and
sometimes abroad, I was looking for a simple way to place a call now and
then while on the road. Cramming as much functionality as possible into my
Newton MP 2100 has been a sport of mine for years. For instance I use it
regularly as an mp3-player (the only one I ever owned). So when I learned
that NewtSMS+ in it's latest incarnation (1.10a beta) supports voice
telephony too, I knew I had to try. Rigging my 2100 for this was
straightforward and simple. The Nokia Card Phone 2.0, being the phone card
of choice for Newton owners, was 10 euros (about 14 USD) plus shipping
(about 7 euros / ca. 10 USD) on eBay. My HDC-6D headset cost exactly 1 euro
(while shipping it was seven times as expensive). I bought a prepaid SIM
card from T-Mobile at 10 euros. I downloaded NewtSMS+ 1.10a beta, to be found

I installed it on my Newton MP 2100. I put the SIM card into my Nokia Card
Phone. Plugged the card phone into my Newt. Let NewtSMS+ know the PIN of my
SIM card. And was ready to go.

Ironically, I couldn't figure out how to send and receive SMS, no matter how
I tried. Maybe it's because my SIM card supports multiple "profiles" with
different SMSC-numbers for each, and NewtSMS+ gets confused about which is
the one to use. Also, an additonal modem setup for your Newt

is supposed to turn the card phone into a modem for mobile internet access.
Seemingly, my carrier (T-Online) rejects this approach.

But all I wanted was an inexpensive way to place a call now and then while
on the road. For my money (exactly 35 euros / about 48 USD in this case) the
Newton does a brilliant job here. Oh, and of course the card phone works
with my eMate too. And my antique Compaq laptop as well. And if I really,
really have to, I can put the SIM card easily into my Nokia 6310i mobile, a
device I own, but hardly ever use.

A huge "Thank you!" to Stefan Auweiler for creating NewtSMS+.





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