[NTLK] [FS]- NEWTON 2100, 4MB Card and AA Battery Tray

From: Albert <albalabs_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 12:56:33 EST

Hello Folks,

I decided to post this here prior to listing it on
eBay. Please email me off list if you are interested.

I am selling one of my backup Newton 2100's. It is a
true Newton 2100, and not an upgraded 2000.

This item is in Excellent Physical and Working

On the body, there are virtually no scratches, scuffs,
or worn areas on the body. The body is in pristine
condition. All doors, rubber feet, door clips, and
logos are in Excellent Condition.

The screen is also in excellent condition and has a
Nushield Screen Protector on it. I did notice that
there was a very faint scratch on the lower right
bottom of the screen, but it is not noticeable at all,
nor does it hinder the operation of the unit.

Included with this are the following:

* AA Battery Tray
* Original Aluminum Stylus
* 4 MB Flash Card
* PC Serial Cable

I'm asking for $140 plus shipping for this item.
Please email me off list if you are interested. I
will keep it on this list for the next 3 days before
posting on eBay.

albalabs (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

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