Re: [NTLK] RES: Goodbye

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 15:34:00 EST

At 15:23 29.11.2007, you wrote:

>But 15 minutes to load ONE Mp3?
>I cannot harp on it enough, that's sad.

I do it like this: I downsample batches of four or five of my
mp3-files to 22500 Hz, mono, 32 kbps. Only those I really like.
This will give you a file size of about 900 K for your typical pop song.
I'm done doing this in about five minutes. Then I convert these files into
pkg-files - another minute. I download them on my Newton, but not
on my SanDisk Ultra II 1.0 GB CF card which is handled by Paul's
ATA driver. Instead I load them on a 20 MB linear card which takes
me another five to six minutes to do (XP/Basilisk/Ethernet works great
for me). Then I use Eckhart's Mad Max to transfer the files from the linear
card to the SanDisk. Another five minutes. Let's see what we've got:
about 17 minutes for readying and deploying a batch of four to five songs
to my Newton's "mass storage device". Cumbersome? Yes. Work
intensive? Yes. Doable? Oh yes. Result - I boogie while doing dishes:

The SanDisk holds only pieces I really like. Two hundred songs and




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