Re: [NTLK] Xircon PortGear serial adapter

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 16:11:34 EST

This adapter has been mentioned several times in the past with no
clear answer, but I did once have one, possibly the one you have,
that I bought with the first release of the iMac for a printer
It did work in classic with NCU but not with NewTen in OS X.
To easily install NCU in Classic have a look at
the you can use the Dock via serial and should be able to install.

On Nov 19, 2007, at 8:43 AM, FARKAS, WENDY wrote:

> Hello All,
> Rummaging through my box of cables and miscellaneous hardware, I came
> across a Xircon Portgear (PGMSD8) serial adapter. Now that I'm
> using my
> Newtons again, I was hoping it would solve my problem of connecting
> them
> to my iMac (OS 10.3.9). I downloaded and installed the drivers I found
> on the web (Intel), but can't transfer any packages.
> Of course, I'm confused about where I am - I've tried working it out
> through Package Installer in Classic, and NewTen in OSX, but, even
> though the hardware is recognized in the System Profiler, I'm missing
> something.
> Have any of you used the Xircon device? I know folks have successfully
> used Keyspan, but that wasn't what I found in my box of stuff.
> Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
> Wendy Farkas

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