Re: [NTLK] eeePC and email question

From: curt Wiederhoeft <>
Date: Sun Nov 18 2007 - 10:48:20 EST

--- Oliver Leaman <> wrote:

> Thanks for the replies on this new Asus product,
> which tempts me a lot. I hate buying something I
> have not actually seen, and I wonder whether the
> keyboard is as usable as the eMate, which I love.
> The eeepc looks rather too small to be effective. I
> use my eMate as my main computer and wonder if the
> Asus could do the business. I do most of my work on
> the move.

I too am curious about the eeePC, but I think I'm
going to put "hands on" before I make any commitment.
However, my main PDA brain, a Clie TH-55, may very
well be dying, and I might end up buying one without a

> But decent connectivity would be good. This brings
> me to my next question. I have scoured the archives
> but cannot discover which free email provider can
> work on the Newton. I know that gmail does not, and
> yahoo and hotmail don't seem to either. Is there a
> free provider that can be used?

check these options:

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