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From: Newton <>
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 14:37:33 EST

This is a great idea and certainly would give me the push to really
develop the project proposal for the Gypsy kids in Turkey. As an
educational resource its worth pursuing what still available for
supporting learning and at which level (primary, secondary and
tertiary). With this kind of information, it would be possible to
design small projects for mobile education, for home learning and
even adult education for basic skills. In the Turkish context, the
possibility of putting eMates into classrooms (as they were never
there in the first place) does exist additionally (I can think of a
great school in Edirne where the teaching staff and the principal are
so dedicated to this community). I would also be more than happy to
be putting the list together with others in this NewtonTalk group.
Here's a start:
Teaching: Clarity Course/Lesson Planning

Student (all levels): Works Writing/Drawing
                                Quick Figure Works Maths/Business Studies
                                Graphing Calculator Maths/Physics
                                Courier News and Information

Adrian Marsh
Newton 2100 and Mail V

On 14 Nov 2007, at 23:57, wrote:

> Anybody have any idea? Could we compile a list? Maybe it's worth the
> effort to gather it? I suppose I could do the putting together if
> necessary...
> --
> -Jon Glass
> Krakow, Poland
> <>

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