Re: [NTLK] Bluetooth

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Fri Nov 09 2007 - 00:01:53 EST

On 11/8/07, Laurent Daudelin <> wrote:
> Thanks for the valuable info, Morgan. Right now, I'm a bit dead in
> the water. I just can't connect with NCX through AppleTalk over
> Ethernet with my 2100. I just blew off my Farallon Ethernet PCMCIA
> card

Are you going through a switch or anything? Some newer switches and
routers don't pass AppleTalk/EtherTalk through appropriately, so it
might be worth testing with a crossover ethernet cable direct to the
computer running NCX.

Are you able to install packages via another method? TCP/IP has always
worked well for me using NCX, so you could install DockTCP and attempt
a connection via TCP/IP instead of EtherTalk.

> I've tried to use my Wavelan wireless card with Hiroshi's
> driver, which I have registered. I input my WEP key for my snow
> AirPort base station, but I can't connect to anything, not even to
> the Internet which at least I was able with my Farallon. Are there
> any known issues with WEP, 128bits on a Snow AirPort base station?

I use a Snow (Dual Ethernet) AirPort Base Station as well and it works
fine with my Melco/Buffalo AirCard and Hiroshi's WaveLAN drivers (and
I'm using 128-bit WEP, as well). Many people have DHCP issues when
using WiFi, especially if the wireless access point is passing through
the DHCP from another router, so you might try a manual config of the
IP, net mask, gateway, and DNS servers on your Newt.


Morgan Aldridge

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