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Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 18:31:10 EST

> > I couldn't care less about the iPod, iPod touch, The Next Newton,
> > wireless technologies or wifi woes (that have been discussed at
> > length in the past), spare parts for a silly FinePix camera,
> > and so on.
> The "silly FinePix camera" has taken more than 90% of all images you
> will find here:


In all the years I have been on the 'net this issue of being OT has always
turned up. There have always been people who insist that all messages be
directly related to the subject of the group (news, mailing list, web
forum). Not even a warning like OT in the subject line will protect an
offender from their righteous wrath. And then there are those who behave as
though the purpose of the group is to discuss anything BUT the stated subject.

I recall news groups devoted to images posted in uuencode format that had a
 group with exactly the same name with a .d suffix for discussion, and woe
be to he who dared post a "nice pic" thank you in the binary group. Then of
course there was, where the conversation revolved around
topics like the best place to get drunk on Saturday night in Bloomington,
where the only animals ever discussed lived up the street in a frat house.

I see no resolution in sight. After all, this IS the Internet.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project

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