Re: [NTLK] Setting up a Newton C dev environment

From: Simon Stapleton <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 08:19:24 EST

On 5 Nov 2007, at 14:02, <> wrote:

> So I wanna do something impossible (or highly improbable) starting
> next January (when I begin my graduate program) and port PuTTY SSH to
> the Newton. Since I know its possible to compile C for the Newton -
> how would I go about setting up my Mac to do so? Thanks in advance.
> Ben Sanford

By far the easiest way to do this under OSX is to use Apple's stuff,
either using Classic or Basilisk. I use classic, installed to a
sparse disk image (only good for PPC macs, of course). Another
option would be to use an "old" mac running MacOS 8 or 9 (and would
allow you to use Hammer and Newtsbug, to boot)


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