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From: RAParker <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 15:16:32 EST

--- Greg Hankins <> wrote:

> Howdy All!
> Please pardon the repeat message; I could really use the help.

Sorry for taking so long to respond... I was going to answer that, for
you, a day ago.

> Using Mail V i find I am running out of internal memory, despite the
> fact that I haven't selected a preference to store mail internally.

Known bug: Mail V consumes storage and doesn't return it, every time
you check a POP3 account. About 2K every time you check the account.

Although, it may be too late. You should consider a backup and restore
of your internal storage to recover the lost storage space.

Now the solution... make sure you have *really* set up Mail V to store
to an external card. FIRST: Open Card Preferences from your Extras app.
Your external card should have the option checked "Save new info and
packages on this card." This is the option that effects the default
storage location for everything. This is the one you've probably

Next, go to your In/Out Box app. Select Preferences from "i" menu. The
option here (Always store new items internally" should be unchecked.

That should fix where Mail V is storing.

> Is there a way to shuttle mail off to the card as it is received with

You can go the In/Out Box app and select all messages. Then "File" them
to the external store. This will help free up *real* message storage
consumed. BUT, this will not return the 2K per login you have lost
since using Mail V.

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