[NTLK] Adding vs. Restoring Notes

From: John <OceanCity_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 11:54:56 EST

I don't think there is any way to _add_ to my Newton some or all of my
old notes which I had archived off a year ago from my 2100 to a flash
card using the NOS built-in backup which of course copies [I assume] the
entirety of one's notes as a whole to the flash card. After archiving
the notes to the flash card I deleted them on my Newton to de-clutter.

Well, of course, now I'm thinking I might want to import back [restore
from the flash card] some or all of those old notes which I archived to
my 2100. I tried doing a restore from the old flash card by check-
marking just the "Notes" information item. The restore worked fine, but
as I expected it also deleted the existing notes. No harm, no surprise
here, just experimenting. This not being what I wanted to accomplish I
then simply did another restore from a newer backup flash card and so
I'b back to where I started.

My guess is the easiest way for me to "add" notes from a flash card will
be to simply _beam_ the old notes from a 2nd Newton with the old flash
card to my current Newton. I'm sure this should work, but for the sake
of argument is there any way if I was on a dessert island with just my
[one] Newton and the flash card with the old notes archived on it to
_add_ the old notes to my current notes?

On a side note ........

BTW, I too was "insinuated" long ago by the Newton! I remember buying
my first Newton, at the time just released, a 2100, at the "Newton
Store" in Manhattan. Yes, there was a store in Midtown somewhere around
53rd street or so with a little red awning that sold nothing but Newtons
and Newton accessories.

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