Re: [NTLK] Wireless without WEP?

From: Xenon Soft <>
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 15:50:30 EDT

Thanks for all who has aswered. Actually, I use wifi
only in my University, where you have a opened
connection, but you must to put an ID and PASS in your
browser when you try to access to the net.

IT was more for curiosity, because I don't use Wifi
too much, but when my new Newton arrives, I will try
to find a wifi card for it :) Now I have buy also a
ethernet card, but I must make some money savings now



PS: Plese delete my incomplete answer if it's
possible. I've pushed "send" accidentally.

 --- Woody Smith <> escribió:

> True you cannot use WEP but you can use a closed
> Network that doesn't
> announce it's name, this results in at least a weak
> password. you
> can also use airport administrator to limit the
> computers that can
> use it.
> Woody

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