Re: [NTLK] Fighting Complacency within the Newton Community

From: <>
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 13:06:17 EDT


Seems as if you are having a bad day!? My first suggestion would be to
work on your language skills. Less use of profanity (i.e. @$$) might
elevate the importance of your posts and actually engage people in
meaningful discussion.

"Poking" at people to generate a gut response is easy. Eliciting
meaningful discussion will require a bit more work on your part!

Best regards,


> Okay folks, the show's over... nothing more to see here... We now
> return to
> our same old revolving door discussions of ancient Newton review
> articles, 'How
> to sync with Apple OS whatever', Steve Jobs, Hiroshi drivers, and how
> to
> avoid spending fifteen dollars for a sync cable. Yawn...
> Matt K.
> Detroit, Michigan, USA

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