Re: [NTLK] Fighting Complacency within the Newton Community

From: Steven Moore <>
Date: Sun Jul 30 2006 - 18:53:52 EDT

I admit to being a lurker mainly because I have just acquired a
Newton, although I lusted after one when they first appeared.
So what am I to do? I can't answer questions if I don't know the
answers and I'm not going to waste peoples time with daft questions
to keep my quota up.

Steven Moore

1 answer towards my quota.

> We would need some kind of baseline, such as requiring every
> member to respond in a constructive manner a minimum of 3-6 times
> in a sample
> 90-day period. If members did not contribute something approaching
> this minimal
> requirement, their account could be frozen until they provided an
> explanation
> (to a designated peer review board) as to why they had not
> contributed.

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