[NTLK] Asking again... 16022 Error

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 18:23:43 EDT

> I'm going to ask this question again in hopes that it was overlooked
> previously. It's extremely important to me because for the last week,
> my PB has been in the shop in hopes that my recent data can be
> retrieved. I'm been writing my projects on the MP2100, which up until
> a day or so ago was connecting just fine via modem.


it might be because it is a very hot summer in Germany, but I seem
to figure out some details...

As others have suggested, it is mandatory that you tell the Newton in
preferences which slot the modem card is in.

Since your PowerBook appears to be in repair, I'm assuming that this is
the machine you used to be able to connect to. Is this correct? Which
type of PowerBook is this, and which OS was running on it? Which type
of machine running which OS are you trying to connect to at the moment?

> Now it won't even do that, so I can't deliver the work I've done.

Which format is this work in? Notepad notes? Works?

If it is urgent, why not save your work on a memory card and send it
to someone who has a Newton and CAN connect? Unless your work is top
of course, this might be a way to solve things at least for the time

I'd offer to help, but since I'm in Germany, it'd take a couple of days
until I have the card and can try to tackle this. Most likely there's
closer to you who'd be willing to help.



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