[NTLK] Some observations

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de>
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 15:37:44 EDT

Hi all,

some issues and observations.

1) Deep Green seems to consume energy faster
than any other app I now, read-write processes from
memory cards involving MadMax included. Is this
because Deep Green has to make the most of the
Newt's circutiry to be as good as it is?

2) If you crave for attention, just grab yourself an eMate
and go sit at a park bench. When doing so, constantly passersby
will take a second look, visibly asking themselves: "What is this?
What's he working with?" They know it's some kind of laptop,
but it looks different enought to cause bewilderment. A fair percentage
of them will be curious enough to ask. Most of them are stunned when
being told that this device is nearly ten years old and not
for sale anymore. An MP 2100 with keyboard attached will
be met with the same curiosity. Yesterday a bloke walking by
said to his girl friend: "We gotta buy one of them mini laptops
too." As my work was craving for attention, today I relocated
to a quieter part of the park.

My significant other she doesn't hate computers. She uses them
at work and at home, she can manage. They just bore her. Intensely.
Exception: my eMate. "Now this looks nice". "Could I have one too?"
Told her she would have to use a QWERTZ driver with a QWERTY
keyboard and that connection with her PC isn't the easiest of things.
Disappointment ensued.

3) Children's art done on my Newts:





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