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That's how I started here as well. I first learned about Gregg
shorthand & other, alternative quick-writing systems as a child back
in the very early 60s. I've read about them ever since, and invented
one I used all throughout college, law school, and the early 80s at
work (LONG before portable computers). My ultimate desire would be
for a handheld that read my script (or any other like Quickscript),
and translated immediately into text - something like the old Apple
Newton, but much faster to write...

> Hello. I've just joined the [Read Alphabet] group and, having
> discovered Quikscript
> yesterday, I hope visiting it will help advance my learning of this
> lovely alternative to the cumbersome way we currently write.
> I am 51 years old and at various times in my life, starting in high
> school, I have *invented* alphabets (and learned to use them very
> well)
> in order to keep my notes private - mostly from my nosy sister - haha.
> I am also a writer and was thinking of learning a bit of Shorthand in
> order to condense my notes - as a matter of fact, that's what I was
> searching on the internet when I discovered Quikscript. Wow!, I said.
> Yes, that's what I said right out loud. Where has Kingsley Read been
> all my life, may he rest in peace and forever be immortalized! I fast
> became a devout follower. Within minutes, I had downloaded the Manual
> and was filling my scribbler with practise notes.

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