Re: [NTLK] Problems with NewtDump

From: Johannes Wolf <>
Date: Wed Jul 05 2006 - 09:41:45 EDT

Ok, between the lines I can read the point.

Knowing where the temp file is and getting access to it would help me
already a lot.
But of course I can also try to go the long and stony way of figuring out
the commands to be sent to the Newt and then to sort it out manually (as I
did for the names already).

The strange thing is that there is no error message (only trying an older
version I got a message telling that there is a buffer overflow) But the
program just stops, leaves a half finished output file and can be quit


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> Johannes Wolf wrote:
> > I tried to dump the calendar information, Same scenario:
> from the Newt
> > screen it looks like all the info is dumped to the PC, Then
> NewtDump
> > enters into "parsing" and just stops.
> > Any idea?
> I could theoretically fix this... I'd have to pull out the
> source code and remember where NewtDump writes its temporary
> files, and then I'd have to get you to send me a temp file
> that won't parse.

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